Grades 6 to 8

Hydrology (Middle School)

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water_drop_6.pngMonitoring the Hydrosphere

water_drop_7.pngNorth Carolina River Basins

water_drop_8.pngUse and Management of Water

water_drop_9.pngGroundwater Dynamics

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Alignment to Science Standards

North Carolina Middle School Standards:

  • 8.E.1 Understand the hydrosphere and the impact of humans on local systems and the effects of the hydrosphere on humans.
    • 8.E.1.1. Structure of hydrosphere including:  Water distribution on Earth, local river basin and water availability
    • 8.E.1.2 Summarize evidence that Earth’s oceans are a reservoir of nutrients, minerals, dissolved gases, and life forms.
    • 8.E.1.3 Predict the safety and potability of water supplies in North Carolina based on physical and biological factors
    • 8.E.1.4 Conclude that the good health of humans requires monitoring and stewardship of the hydrosphere

NGSS (click on the Performance Expectation for the full description):

High School Standards:

  • EEn.2.3 Explain the structure and processes within the hydrosphere.
    • EEn.2.3.1 Explain how water is an energy agent (currents & heat transfer)
    • EEn.2.3.2 Explain how groundwater and surface water interact.
  • EEn.2.4 Evaluate how humans use water.
    • EEn.2.4.1 Evaluate human influences on freshwater availability
    • EEn.2.4.2. Evaluate human influences on water quality in North Carolina’s river basins, wetlands and tidal environments

NGSS (click on the Performance Expectation for the full description):

  • HS-ESS2-2. Earth's Systems: Analyze geoscience data to make the claim that one change to Earth's surface can create feedbacks that cause changes to other Earth systems. 
  • HS-ESS2-5. Earth's Systems: Plan and conduct an investigation of the properties of water and its effects on Earth materials and surface processes.
  • HS-ESS3-1. Earth and Human Activity: Construct an explanation based on evidence for how the availability of natural resources, occurrence of natural hazards, and changes in climate have influenced human activity.