Water on the Move Teacher Mini Grants

This grant opportunity has already closed. Schools that received mini-grants were: Ashe High School, Avery Middle School, Cove Creek Elementary School, Catawba-Ardnt Middle School, Cranberry Middle School, Transylvania County-Brevard High, Wilkes Central High, Wilkes Central Middle School, Blowing Rock Elementary and Wilkes CB Eller. Check back for future funding opportunities for your classroom projects!

What are the WOTM Teacher Mini Grants?

The Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences at Appalachian State University is pleased to offer mini-grants for educators who are part of the Water on the Move program, thanks to the generous support of the Environmental Protection Agency through their Environmental Education Grants. 

Who is eligible?

Any 3rd, 8th or High School Earth and Environmental Science teacher who has participated in one of the Water on the Move professional development workshops hosted by ASU GES. Please note that each school can only receive one mini grant, so if there are more of you applying, please consider combining the application and budget proposal instead of sending two different applications. 

How does it work? 

If you’re interested in applying for the mini-grant, you need to complete this form available online and submit it by September 1st 2019. You will need to include a budget for the water science materials you would like to purchase for your classroom. The project team will review all applications and select the awardees based on their plans to incorporate WOTM activities into their lessons. If you are selected, your school will purchase the materials in your budget proposal and will send the receipts to the ASU GES department so they can be reimbursed to your school. 

What can I get with the grant?

Any materials related to the Water on the Move program, as well as the cost of a field trip with your class to a water treatment facility, ASU geology and environmental science facilities or body of water nearby. 

How much money can I apply for?

Up to $1000. Please note that based on applications received and project team assessment, you might not be awarded the full amount (or any) of what you requested. However, we will do our best to try to support as many teachers as possible. 

What happens after I have purchased the materials?

Integrate some WOTM activities and tell us how it went! The online form attached allows you to provide feedback by activity, by module, or overall of the purchased materials and how you used them. The agreement your school will need to sign once you have been awarded the grant will include some conditions such as reporting on your use of WOTM materials at least once.

Application Deadline: September 1st, 2019 at midnight (CLOSED)