The folllowing hydrology-related equipment is available for loan through the GES Department. For more loaner kits including materials for teaching about rocks, minerals, soils, geohazards and general geological principles, visit our main Loaner Kits page.

WOTM Loaner Boxes

Interested in borrowing any of these boxes? Email us at

Hydrology: Bioindicators Box

bioindicators_box_photo_thumb_0.jpeg(Click picture to enlarge)


  • 6 blue nets
  • 2 white nets
  • 4 Petri dishes
  • 6 eye droppers
  • 6 plastic twizers
  • 8 NC Stream Invertebrates card packs
  • 1 aquatic life laminated ID card
  • 2 critter carriers
  • 8 styrofoam trays
  • 2 mini paint mixers with wells

Hydrosphere: Human Impact Box


(Click picture to enlarge)   


  • Brochures about water and soil issues
  • Activated charcoal
  • Water pump and tubing
  • 4 sponges
  • Seashells for ocean acidification activities
  • Kool aid powder and food coloring
  • Lemonade mixes for ocean acidification activities
  • Squirt bottle for “pollutant application
  • 2 syringes (20mL and 10mL)
  • 8 plastic Dixie cups
  • 2x 50ML collection tubes with blue tops
  • Laminated pH scales
  • Filter paper sheets

Hydrology: Elementary Box


(Click picture to enlarge)


  • Marine and freshwater animal models
  • Water related books (see more here)
  • 5 squishy earths
  • 2 tubberwares one green and one blue
  • 2 powerful magnets
  • 2 nets and 1 plastic serving tongs
  • 1 metal bucket and plastic cups
  • 10 sets of water cycle mats with magnetic labels
  • 2 sets of styrofoam trays labeled estuary, saltwater, freshwater
  • Laminated station signs (See here for digital file)
  • 9 thermometers

Hydrology: Streamflow

streamflow_new.jpeg(Click picture to enlarge)   


  • 1 Vernier Flow Rate Sensor (needs interface)
  • 8 rubber ducks
  • Up to 10 stopwatches
  • 1 100 feet/ 30m measuring tape
  • 4x card sets showing the float method
  • 1 set of hydrology graphs

Water Quality Box

water quality box(Click picture to enlarge)   


  • 10 x TDS, EC, temp digital meters
  • 5 measuring cylinders (50 mL)
  • 5 small plastic beakers (100 mL)
  • 5 small plastic  funnels
  • La Motte BioPaddles
  • 16 in 1 water test trips
  • Universal indicator paper and pH scales 
  • Laser thermometer
  • 2 glass thermometers
  • 8 small, plastic thermometers
  • 16 sampling tubes with blue tops
  • 3 small plastic vials with tops


Vernier Environmental Science Probes 

All probeware works with the Vernier Lab Quest 2 and 3 interfaces. Clicking on each item below takes you to the manufacturer's page for that product, which contains specifications. 

labquestpro_0.jpegData Collection interface: Vernier Lab Quest 2 
Software: Logger Pro
App: Graphical Analysis 

To check out the equipment (including the data collection interfaces- 4 available) please contact the GES Outreach Coordinator at Please note we are unable to send the loaner boxes by mail at this time, you must pick up and drop off AppState or arrange to meet somewhere around Boone (NC).