About "Water on the Move”

The “Water on the Move” outreach program at Appalachian Geological and Environmental Sciences aims to educate the public on general hydrology principles and local water issues. 

The overarching project goal is to develop an environmental education program focused on the water cycle and human impact on the hydrosphere that will be implemented in western North Carolina using an RV converted into a mobile earth and environmental science lab (dubbed the “Geobago”).

The program includes:

  • Hydrology learning modules for three grade levels (3rd, 8th and high school).
  • School visits using the Geobago mobile classroom
  • Professional development opportunities for educators
  • Free loaner kits and classroom support
  • Educational materials freely available for download.

This project is made possible by the Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences at Appalachian State University, a partnership with Vulcan Materials Company and funding awarded by the EPA Environmental Education Grant program.